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At full-blast or slow motion

…a little farther away, a bit different
…a bit more special, a bit more secretive

We loose count when we talk about the variety of offers that await our guests in Villach and surrounding areas. Here we have made a small collection of activities that are not mainstream.

Walk through Villach old town

The historical old town of Villach is at the heart of this historical, cultural and economically important region in the south of Austria. It is the crossroads of three world cultures.
Besides the classic city tours, you can also explore Villach on your own. The staff of the reception at Hotel City will help you deicde.
The most modern way of exploring Villach is by CITYTOUR. All that you need is your smartphone, the QR codes of the information tables and the free WiFi of the city.


This is a steep mountain wall right by Lake Ossiach, at the Tauernwanderweg (Tauern trail), from which you can have a spectacular view of the western part of the lake and the Gerlitzen.

Finsterbacher Wasserfälle

This natural adventure, which was held secret for the longest time, has now been made available to the public. Only a few walking minutes from the shore of Lake Ossiach, this view is worth the trip.

Taborhöhre (Tabor heights)

Once you reach this place, you will have a wonderful view over the Faaker Lake and its surrounding mountains. Higher up the Tabor you can reach the Waldseilgarten (rope’s course). You will need a steady hand and skill to master the 3D bow course.

The Zitrusgarten (Citrus garden)

A combination of botanical garden and organic business for citruss plants. This is Europe’s biggest citrus variety collection in organic farming. Here you can find about 280 different kinds of citrus fruits, cultivated as house plants for garden friends you can transplant these plants for your fruit harvest.
Stroll around and luxuriate in the scent of fruit and blossoms.

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