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Sustainability in Hotel City Villach

“Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which a lasting satisfaction of needs through the preservation of the natural regeneration capacity of the systems involved, especially of living things and ecosystems, should be ensured”.


Magnesium Chloride instead of salt

It´s freezing cold outside and the paths in front of the hotel are transforming into an ice skating rink. In that situation, we scatter magnesium chloride instead of salt. In case of dust formation, it is also good used as cement. We are saving our environment with the best natural mean for the land. Also, our bodies need magnesium. We use it in our bathing water and as a deodorant. With magnesium, we are doing something good for our body and nature.


Energy is a valuable good

  • Selfmade electricity from our photovoltaic system on all hotel roofs
  • An own standpipe supports the water heating
  • Waste avoidance and waste separation are self-evident
  • Long-distance heating (over 80 %) out of renewable energy like chopped wood, waste heat and biomass
  • LED lighting
  • No use of toxic chemicals
  • We are proud of being an energy efficient hotel


Drinking water quality straight out of the pipe

The UMH technology from Carinthia brings high-grade energetic drinking water out of the pipe without electricity or chemicals. The main water pipeline of Hotel City is equipped with this technology and therefore we have energy-rich and noticeable smoother water for showering, bathing and especially drinking.
“Water is a friendly element for those who know it and know how to handle it” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Frequency-neutralized premises thanks to 5D hyperware

Enjoy the ionizing atmospheric environment in Hotel City Villach.
A cleverly devised harmonization procedure by frequency-neutralisation creates a pleasant stay. Especially people who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity benefit from the installation of the chip- information-memory-system.
Many users of the premise-harmonization report better sleeping quality, higher concentration and increase of vitality.
Ralf Gehlert, founder of 5D hyperwave and the risk inspectionists Gabriela and Christian Präsent from “Gesunde Balance” support our Hotel City team in the implementation of bio harmonizing the building.


We are saving the environment

  • And abstain from packaged products at the breakfast buffet.
  • Use 100% recycled paper for toilet paper, cosmetic tissues and printing paper.
  • Use refillable soap-, showering gel- shampoo dispensers, and pass on single packaged products.

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