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Responsibility is not just a word

The Hotel City – a house with heart and much sense for sustainable economy, quality and your wellbeing.

Here, you will be well taken care of.
We always try our best to offer the best quality service.
For this, we also carry the Kärnten Qualitätsgütesiegel (Carinthian quality seal of approval).

Kärntner Qualitätssiegel Hotel City Villach


Thus we are responsible to abide by certain criteria

  • to provide our staff with continuous education
  • and to constantly let the Hotel City be evaluated by independent mystery guests

Regionality and Quality is written in bold letters!

We especially make sure that the products we use and offer to our guests are regional.
We shop at the organic food market.
We are supplied with fresh and high quality products from:

Frierss – fine meat and sausage specialities
Kärntnermilch – milk and milk products
nature bakery Lagler – crunchy bread and baked goods
Landskroner Wiesenei – eggs from happy hens
Erlebnisimkerei Kronhofer – Gailtaler honey
Imkerei Segner – Gailtaler honey

Drinking water quality from tap

Energetic, high quality drinking water, from the tap, supplied by UMH Technologie in Kärnten, without electricity or chemicals. The main water of the Hotel City was equipped with this technology, thus your water will be much softer and more energetic, no matter if you shower, bathe or want to drink the tap water in your room.

“Water is a friendly element for whomever knows how to treat it.” (Goethe)

Energy is a precious commodity

How do we deal with that:

  • we have our own fountain, that supports the warm water production
  • avoiding waste and recycling is important to us
  • district heat (over 80%) from renewable energies, such as wood chips, waste heat and biomass
  • hotel lighting LED
  • no use of highly toxic chemicals
  • we are proud to be an energy efficient hotel

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